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What happens if I’m not happy with my NDIS internal review?

You weren’t happy with your NDIS plan or some aspect of the NDIS decision. You applied for review (perhaps with the assistance of ADAI) and now you have the answer. What can you do? You have a right of appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (the AAT).
In many respects the AAT process will look like a legal process.  Although there are significant differences between the AAT and a court, there is a degree of formality which can seem intimidating. For instance you may need to answer questions at a hearing. Despite that formality, however, you will find AAT staff and members friendly and understanding.

What will you need? You will need a clear understanding of what you are seeking from the NDIS. You will need a clear understanding of why you want what you are seeking. You will need some evidence (for instance medical reports) supporting your position, your ADAI Advocate will guide you through the process of putting all this together.