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Audit 4–5 November 2020

Each year, Disability Advocacy Services across Australia are visited by two independent people whose job it is to see how our work is going; what we are doing well, where we might improve and how we are meeting the service standards that apply to our work. This process is known as an Audit.

Our visit this year is on the 4 and 5 November, you are welcome to give feedback as part of this process by phoning 08 8340 4450 (or 1800 856 464 for country Callers), or emailing us on, or writing to us at 149 Currie Street, Adelaide SA 5000, or completing the above survey.

Further information about the Audit process can be found at:


ADAI response to Anne Marie Smith Safeguard Taskforce Report

The Report includes recommendations to address "safeguarding gaps" to support South Australians living with disability.

Disability Royal Commission Advocacy Service

We provide free advocacy support services to people wanting help to make a submission to the Disability Royal Commission.


Why families make the best advocates for their children

Certificate of Compliance


To achieve better opportunities for people with disability and their families.


To help the person living with disability to have a better life by advocating for each person and their family/carers. To enable people with disability to access their community and achieve better education, service provision and employment opportunities by advocating for the person or/and their family. To fully participate in decision making and to work together with professionals as true partners.